We have established the following terms and conditions to ensure the quality and functionabilty of and the services we offer you. Please review the terms and conditions in this agreement and make sure any transactions you conduct comply fully.

GENERAL is a web platform for users (buyers and sellers) to connect with one another. The Maritime Merchant is not responsible for any wrong doings between Sellers and Buyers.

The Maritime Merchant is a weekly publication featuring FREE classified advertising. FREE classified advertising is available to anyone wishing to sell their personal belongings. There is no limit to the number of ads any individual can place in the Maritime Merchant; in fact, the Maritime Merchant encourages individuals to place as many ads as they wish.

All classified ads run automatically for 2 issues. If you sell your item during the first week, please call and cancel your ad or ads. If your item has not sold after 2 issues (2 weeks) you may run your ad for another 2 issues (2 weeks). is updated every Monday at 12:00 pm.

Deadline to place classified ads is every Friday evening at 5:00pm.

Business Ads include any operating business including: home based businesses; apartment rentals; and real estate. Rates for business ads are available by phoning our main phone number 562-0272. If you would rather have a salesperson visit your location, we would be happy to send one of our courteous sales staff to meet with you.


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